Let’s get to know each other


My name is Dorota Wątróbska-Świetlikowska. I have a postdoctoral degree (habilitation) in pharmaceutical sciences.

In 2009, I obtained a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences with honors from the Medical University of Gdańsk, and in 2021, a postdoctoral degree in pharmaceutical sciences in the field of medical sciences and health sciences in the discipline of pharmaceutical sciences.

The subject of my scientific interests for many years have been submicron dispersion systems such as: submicron emulsions, liposomes and lipospheres.

Dwatro Laboratories®

– with passion from the heart


Dwatro Laboratories® was created out of passion and love for my work. I wanted to use my knowledge and scientific experience to create high-quality, safe and effective food supplements. I wanted to combine the world of science with every day life to create liposomal supplements because liposomes transport much more nutrients or active substances to the cells of our body than the traditional form of administration, e.g. a tablet or a capsule.

The belief in the effectiveness of my products gives me the greatest satisfaction. When you come back for Dwatro Laboratories® products and you are satisfied with the effect and you see and feel this effect, this is the most important thing for me. This is my objective.

Science experience


I have participated in many conferences and scientific conventions in Poland and abroad, and delivered many scientific lectures. It is worth noting that twice, in 2014 in San Antonio in the USA and in 2015 in Dubai, I received awards during international scientific conferences for the best scientific work presented in the form of a poster.

In March 2021, I obtained a postdoctoral degree in pharmaceutical sciences in the field of medical sciences and health sciences in the discipline of pharmaceutical sciences.

I wanted to create a series of comprehensive, multi-component, effective, safe and convenient products. The preparations are designed to provide many important ingredients in one serving and only once a day. In addition, I wanted convenience and ease of use. Therefore, all products are in the form of liposomal gel sachets. You can always have such a sachet with you. You don’t have to wash it down and you can use it regardless of meals – whenever you want.

Each sachet is manufactured on site and carefully weighed, which guarantees compliance between the content and the declared composition .

The sachets are multi-layered, thanks to which they effectively protect the contents against the external environment and gas exchange. The inner layer of the sachet is made of polyethylene, the least reactive material that guarantees no interaction between the content of the sachet and the packaging. On the outside of the sachet, “low migration” inks with reduced migration were used.

Quality and safety

I was very concerned about the safety and the highest quality of all products manufactured at Dwatro Laboratories®,therefore:

All nutrients are of pharmacopoeial quality and the machines that come into contact with the product are made of 316 steel.

The water used in the production of all preparations is obtained on site thanks to specialized equipment with a system of sensors that monitor water quality at every stage of production.

Some products contain three forms of vitamin C (sodium L-ascorbate, calcium L-ascorbate, and L-ascorbic acid), which makes the products safe for people with stomach ailments.

The source of omega-3 is oil from microalgae, sea buckthorn and flax seeds – therefore the products are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.