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kurkuma piperyna omega 3 olej z rokitnika technologia liposomalna Dwatro laboratorieskurkuma piperyna omega 3 suplement diety

ImmunoLip® Curcumin+OMEGA-3


We build high immunity through everyday habits. Very often, however, we are too busy to take care of healthy, properly balanced meals, outdoor activity and relaxation which is so important for our health. The result is an overloaded body, which makes it more vulnerable to infections. Supplementation based on the power of natural ingredients is a good solution. Supplement your diet in a quick, simple and effective way. Thanks to the closing of substances selected for the construction of immunity in the form of a liposomal gel, everyone can easily and quickly reach for valuable nutrients every day.

ImmunoLip® Curcumin+OMEGA-3 is an oral liposomal gel made in the DWATRO®LIP liposomal technology. Liposomes ensure the delivery of ingredients directly to the cells of the body, more effectively than traditional forms, e.g. tablets. The bioavailability of substances in the form of liposomes is about 90%, which is twice as much as in the case of classic forms such as tablets or capsules.



The package contains 30 sachets of 5 grams. Only one sachet a day.