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liposomalny suplemet diety na oczy luteina + astaksantyna + DHA OMEGA 3 + witamina A E Cna oczy luteina astaksantyna DHA witamina c a e liposomalna supelent liposomalny z luteiną technologia liposomalna liposomal



Our every single sense is important, but it is our eyes that we must take special care of these days. It’s good to see your loved ones, the changing seasons, spring flowers, summer mists, colorful autumn leaves or winter snow sparkling in the sun. The eyeball is an organ in which the image is recorded and pre-processed by the retina, and then through the optic nerve to the central nervous system. It is worth taking care of tired eyes. Moreover, eyes are exposed to a much wider range of radiation – from ultraviolet to infrared. Help them regenerate, keep them healthy and maintain good eyesight as long as possible.

VisionLip™ is an oral liposomal gel made in the DWATRO®LIP liposomal technology. Liposomes ensure the delivery of ingredients directly to the cells of the body, more effectively than traditional forms, e.g. tablets. The bioavailability of substances in the form of liposomes is about 90%, which is twice as much as in the case of classic forms such as tablets or capsules.



The package contains 30 sachets of 7 grams. Only one sachet daily!